Our Crafters

                  Would You Like to Join Us in Beautiful Machias?

      We are currently accepting applications for the 2017 Machias Craftfest!  If you reside in Maine and have a unique craft that you would like to share, please don't hesitate to send us an email telling us about yourself and the crafts that you make.  Sending photographs of your work is a plus!  Please click here for more information on becoming one of our crafters.

                 Our Crafters For Machias Blueberry Festival 2017

Red Sunset Ceramics - Beth Thompson - bethanythompson@rsu67.org


     Hand made wheel thrown pottery: mugs, flowerpots, vases, bowls, etc.

Pat's Fudge & Crafts - Pat Thompson -  pattycake391@hotmail.com

     Fifty flavors of fudge

Moonshadow Farm - Bethany Whalon - bwhalon@bowdoin.edu

     Handcrafted natural soaps & gift sets with these soaps, natural brushes, sponges

Artasia - Horace Varnum - hcvarnum@gmail.com  www.mainetreeornaments.com

     Hand cut maple fretwork, ornaments, bookmarks, plaques 

Worcester's Wild Blueberries - Lee Worcester - lee.worcester@yahoo.com

     www.wildblueberryproducts.com          Blueberry products made from our low

     bush wild blueberries: jams, jellies, syrup, etc.

Maine Delight - Bonnie Hayes -  orders@mainedelight.com     www.mainedelight.com

     Handcrafted seascape & wildlife gel candles Bonnie's bee hand & body balm

Beach Worn Jewelry - Katherine Devine -  devineyoga@gmail.com


     Authentic seaglass jewelery, handmade with sterling silver

Ellie Carbone - artelinor@gmail.com      www.ellievarbone.com

     Watercolor & mixed media painting of Maine scenery; Originals & prints

Blue Gemini Jewelry - Shari Reynolds - sharilangley24@yahoo.com

     Handcrafted sterling silver jewelry

Stanchfield Studio - Wilma Stanchfield - wstanch@myfairpoint.net


     Watercolor paintings, prints and related items

 Stanchfield Farms - Sonya & Robert Goddard - wstanch@myfairpoint.net

     Pickles, jams, jellies, marinades, and dips

Hardee Crafts - Harley Colwell - hardeecrafts@gmail.com  www.hardeecrafts.com

     Puzzles and brainteasers

Prospect Harbor Soap Co. - Alexis Souders - alexisquillen@yahoo.com

     www.prospectharborsoapco.com     Handmade soaps & skin care products;

     soy candles, essential oils, aromatherapy

Framed Gardens Company - Haruhiko Murakami - hmurakami@framedgardens.net


     Japanese style vacuum sealed press flower art

 Jim O'Reilly Photography - Jim O'Reilly - jimoreillyphoto@yahoo.com


     Wildlife and landscape photography printed on various substrates

Johnny's Burl World - John Cashore - cashoredj@gmail.com

     Burl carvings: bowls, whales, dolphins, turtles.  Canoe paddles, drums, boxes

 Cathy Shamel Piecemaker - Cathy Shamel - cathyshamel@gmail.com

      Fiber art: a combination of hand dyed wool, needle felting and quilting

Nora Flanagan Quilts - Nora Flanagan - bluebirddesignofmaine@gmail.com

    www.noraflanaganquilts.com    Quilts, aprons, pillows,with Maine scenes

Rocks, Minerals & More, Inc. - Jim White - jameswhite@myfairpoint.net

     Jewelry & related products made from rocks and minerals

 The Truman Collar - Debby Fitch - thetrumancollar@yahoo.com


     Handmade dog collars, leases, bandanas.  Also harnesses by special order

Coyote Graphics - Michael Boardman - mike@coyotees.com   www.coyotees.com

     Wildlife T shirts and cards

 Wrenovations Stained Glass Creations - Mark & Arlene Wren

     mark@wrenovations.com     www.wrenovations.com 

     Wrenovations offers an imaginative & extensive array of original stained glass artwork.  Local honey & beeswax products: candles, lotions, lip balms

Thursa Sawyer & Tom Sawyer - 26 Cone Road, Charlotte, ME 04666

     Home made pickles, jams, jellies, relishes, etc.

 Messier Studios - Tim Messier - 267 Silver Ridge Rd, Sherman, ME 04776

     Hand carved burl bowls, hand crafted moose antler

Unique Seaglass Collections - Susan Lipman - seaglass14@roadrunner.com

     Seaglass windchimes, wire wrapped seaglass pendants, fused glass stars

 Lunamuse Fiberart - Manuela Brice - lunamusefibers@gmail.com

     www.lunamuse.net          Handspun art yarns and original knitwear designs

Robb Hill Farm - Karen Herrick - leafandtendril@gmail.com

     Floral greeting cards and canvases made from flowers grown on my farm

Lamb Cove Farm - Ellen Johnson - lambcovefarm@yahoo.com


     Fresh organic blueberries, fruit spreads, jams, baked products, vegatables

 Maudine Cunningham - 164 Hall Hill Road, Brooks, ME 04921


Home Spun & Spice, LLC - Lena & Don Laplante - homespunandspice@msn.com

     Home decor, candles, potpourri

 Grape Island Glass - Deborah Uva - grapeislandglass@yahoo.com

     www.grapeislandglass.com  Fused & slumped glass: art, night lights, suncatchers

Abby's Cabs - Lisa Lord - lmlgumby@aol.com

     We cut and grind our own stone jewelry, coasters, bookends, nightlights

Judith Muller - judithrmuller@myfairpoint.net

      One of a kind braided jewelry

 Down To Earth Pottery - Keith Herklotz - keith@dtepottery.com


     Wheel thrown pottery that is useful in kitchen and throughout the home

Naturally Bee-Ewe-Tiful - Sandra Hare - sandra@pwless.net

     www.naturallybee-ewe-tiful.com     Beeswax based skin care:  balms, creams, lotions, perfumes, deodorants, soaps

 Pocomoonshine Crafts - David & Jean Herrick - pocomoonshinecrafts@hotmail.com

     www.facebook.com/pocomoonshinecrafts/          Handwoven towels and rugs

Karrottop Jewelry - Terry Strickland - karrottop@roadrunner.com

     www.karrottop.com   Sterling silver rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets

Raventree Pewter - Mark Krehbiel - maven@mailhaven.com

     www.raventreepewter.com    Hand poured pewter pendants.  Made in Maine.

Knapp Photographic - Fred & Judy Knapp - knapphoto@myfairpoint.net

     www.knapphotographic.com     Nature & wildlife photgraphy

 Designs by Jackie O - Jackie Ouellette - designsbyjackieo@aol.com

     Jewelry and scarves

Englishman Bay Craft & Art - Greg Campbell - swcgac@maineline.net

     Wood work and oil paintings

Sassy Seaming - Jennifer Sharpe - jennifersharpe@gmail.com


     Custom sewing & crochet items: baby bibs, slippers, hats, seatbelt covers

Rusticky Woodworks - Jesse Langley - rustickywood@gmail.com

     www.facebook.com/rustickywood     Handmade one of a kind rustic home decor made from reclaimed and recycled wood

 Ron King - ronking@gwi.net    www.ronkingdesignstudio.com

     Handwoven textiles, scarves and bags

Unique Mosaics & Photography - Meri Levesque - meri.levesque@gmail.com


     Mixed media mosaics incorporates items found in nature: frames, mirrors

CKN Woodworking - Cliff Norton - cknbuss@gmail.com   www.cknwoodworking.com

     Woodworking, toys, furniture, novelties